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Dating a Man with Depression


It has always been very tough to date a person with depression. Ultimately, the real fun ends with chores and disaster within seconds. It is such a challenge to keep a relationship with a depressed partner, whether a stressed boyfriend or a girlfriend with bipolar disorder and at the same time protect your mental wellness. Sometimes a simple walk with a depressed man becomes harder; lying in bed with a depressed person or dating a man with depression feels like imprisonment.

The experience of dating a person with depression is not fundamentally different from dating someone with a mental illness, but some issues are more likely to arise. A depressed person may not act in the way that you may expect. There are many reasons for depression; each has different causes and outcomes. So, it is crucial to know some points before dating a man with depression.

Don’t Engage

A depressed person may drain all your feelings, and his gloomy or depressed outlook may ruin your day. So, you’ve to make sure that he doesn’t end up making you depressed too. Remember, you are the person on your own. Do not give all your time to your partner; keep yourself happy and hopeful. It may have a pleasant effect on your depressed partner too.

Be Patient – Its Virtue

Another essential factor to consider is being patient when dating a depressed soul. Sometimes they might not be willing to get out or communicate with you, so better find ways to improve communication. For a normal person, it may be annoying to wait to get to the person in a routine. It would be best to remember that the person you will date is not average-minded. Your whole romantic environment might get distorted due to his mental sickness.

Obviously, you can’t get a person out if he suffers from the flu because of his genuine physical sickness. Depression is a mental illness that needs time to treat. You can’t just expect it to eliminate within days. So, be patient and try to get your partner out of this trauma.


Show More Love

Typically, a depressed person assumes himself to be the worst. It is not the actual person but his mental illness making him feel this way! You can help your partner overcome this situation by showing more love and affection.

Maybe give him chocolates? Suddenly hug him or create an interactive, silly environment to show that you care. He needs your special attention to get himself out of this sick mindset that’s eventually ruining his life quality.

Be Careful With Your Words

Always and always cautiously choose words while talking to your depressed boyfriend. Never make him realize he’s crazy or depressed. If your partner did something wrong, just criticize the wrongdoing, not the person! Words play an influential role in every relationship, but dating a man suffering from depression goes more critical due to him noticing every word you say and taking it personally. So, always try to help him and be careful with your comments.

Depression Affects Personal Life

Depression and depression treatment together can affect a man’s personal ability to have quality time with you. Be open to this issue and understand that these play a crucial role in nurturing your relationship.


Don’t Put Everything on Depression

Not every feeling and thought comes from the person you are dating. Remember, your feelings and thoughts might relate to his illness, but most of them are your feelings and emotions. Own your feelings. If you start the blame game and held depression responsible for your problems, you will definitely disturb your relationship and life.


A depressed environment in your relationship can promote unhealthy communication, so better define some rules. A lack of good communication will result in the least emotional connection, hence creating a barrier, and ultimately ending your relationship. If a person is uncomfortable with your relationship, don’t conclude that it’s his illness talking.

Your love, understanding, and positive attitude will always help you to keep your passion growing in a positive direction. Your positivism will do miracles in life and help you be the most satisfied person on this planet. 

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